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So when the I5-7 processors came out i bought an I5-2300 with the Asus P8P67 EVO... I bought this processor because it was quite cheap and I've clocked him to 3.4 GHz without a problem.

Two days ago I've won an Asus Maximus V Formula Z77 ^^ and decided to replace my EVO with it. I haven’t got enough money at the moment to buy an Ivy Core so a placed my 2300 in it. It's for temporary use but I still would like to clock it... the problem is that even i change the Multi in BIOS, the multi don't change in the OS. Even on full load with Prime95 the multi stays on x16. When you enter the BIOS, the speed shown on my screen is 2956 MHz.
What might be the problem?? The speed doesn’t change on full load; the temp also… stays on 28 degrees.
Below some screens to compare


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  1. Do you have the chip's clock settings changed from default? Try setting them to Auto for everything? If that doesn't work, try manually setting the multiplier and see if that works. Disable Turbo and speed step as well to see if it has any effect. That looks like the "idle" speed isn't being changed or the motherboard is defaulting to it for some reason. Does that board support Sandy Bridge Chips?
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