I7 3770k 1.3vCore 4.5Ghz 100deg celcius+?

Hi guys,

I've overclocked my i7 3770k to 4.5GHz and pumped the vCore to 1.3v and on Prime95 has caused the temps to go to 100deg Celcius immediately, this is obviously bad. What kind of settings would you guys recommend to use here? Because that heat is just ridiculous. I'm running a Xigmatek Night Hawk, so the cooler is after market.

Any suggestions?

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  1. You should atleast lower your OC a bit and see how far you can get without getting higher than 90c during stresstests.
    You might have been unlucky and gotten a bad chip.
  2. Most of these chips do 4.2-4.3 easy on stock voltage or even under voltage. Then they require massive bumps and huge heat and power for minimal gains. That's ivy bridge.

    I suggest you drop to stock voltage, and 4.2. See if that's stable, drop voltage / try 4.3 and see what can be done. Then ask yourself if a 50 degree chip that's easy on the power bills is worth 200 MHz or so.

    Prime95 doesn't generate max temps till later in the run, and intel burn test generates even higher temps than that.
  3. I also recommend lowering your voltage to stock levels and pushing your overclock as far as that will take you. I have a 3770k at 4ghz at stock voltage (no its not a high overclock) and the temps are really good with my CoolerMaster 212 EVO.
  4. how did you apply the thermal compound? Looking at the underside of the heat sink, I'm hoping you put 3 rice grain thickness lines where the copper rips would sit.
  5. 100C is asking to make yourself a super small Intel(R) paperweight.

    You need to back off on the voltage and frequency, and find out what's got you so hot. That cooler isn't rated real high so I don't know if I'd trust it near 1.3V on an Ivy in the first place but 100C is just plain insane. Check your thermal paste, operation of the coolers fan, case's cooling system make sure there's good airflow, and don't forget to double/triple check the application of thermal paste. If you're not getting a good spread; do it again until you pull it off and get a good spread. I suggest any good thermal paste, Artic Silver MX4, Cooler Master stuff, and even IC Diamond are all good. Personally if I was in your spot, I'd probably be switching my cooler out for a Noctua or Hyper212.
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