I have a GA-X58A-UD3R (Rev 1) that I was going install RAID 5 (data not OS) with the motherboard controller. But I seem a bunch of posts about REV2 and RAID not being stable, does this apply to REV 1 of this motherboard? I have 3 1.5TB drives, I'm now thinging with all the comments I've read that RAID 1 using two of the drives (sensitive data) and just use the 3rd as a standard drive may be a better options.

Any feedback?
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    ^ Yeah, I was the one who discovered it when GA released the (rev 2) MOBO.

    RAID 5 is not the run of the mill RAID and requires calculations that even make the UD3R {or any MOBO slow} slow + more unstable. The only work-around is to use a dedicated RAID Controller Card; my preference is Adaptec. RAID 0/1/10 are as easy it can be and requires no stripe or parity calculations, but RAID 5 uses block level striping with distributed parity.

    Also, for better performance and stability of the RAID check if your 1.5 TB HDDs utilize TLER, most WD do NOT for some reason. WD {only their Enterprise} -

    Hope this helps!
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