2 CPU mobo coolong problem

I have Intel S5520SC, i have these intel coolers (look photo) and on mobo documents they write that i have to put coolers like I did here in my photo:

I dont like this airflow, I don't have case for it yet, but im thinking building custom case for it, but i do not like the idea that i need to put big fan on side of the box to exhaust hot air from CPUs, well, i can do that, but than coolers will take air from front and back and exhaust it true side or top, it looks kinda stupid to take air from back and front.. What u think? Any advice? What would be perfect airflow for this modo? I will built my case my self, so any, even most craziest airflow advice is welcome :D
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  1. Get a case with an exhaust fan on the back and/or top and point both coolers towards the back. If you have decent intake on the front it will work best.
  2. The indicator there only applies to the direction air should travel through the heatsink, if you look carefully you will see if the were both facing the same way,
    the airflow would be the same direction,
    but any 1366 cooler will work so check out some aftermarket Hs's and point them bothe towards the back, airflow should be front to back, bottom to top, sidefans often mess up airflow
  3. If i point both coolers in same direction than second CPU will get hot air from first CPU, thats bad too.. Im thinking adding few fans on the top to suck all the heat from CPU, I do not want to rotate towards up or down cos then my rams will get heat. Tuff situation :) And i will make my own custom case.
  4. What is the best diameter of coolers? 8cm, 12cm or even bigger? What cooler is most silent? Give me best cooler brand. I dont need that they shine, it looks childish...
  5. 120mm is the most common aftermarket size fan for heatsinks, they are quieter than the stock fan which are usually 80-92mm and at least one Hs I know of uses 140mm fans,
    the second cpu getting hot air is negligible as you are passing so much air through the heatsinks, it really won't affect the temp of the second one
    for a decent cooler though the Coolermaster H212 is a nice series and cheap enough
  6. That intel coolers that i have works really nice, they stay silent even when im rendering 3D, and if CPU gets hot then they really kicks out and start spining like crazy, i really like them even if they are a bit loud on 100% rpm. I think I will go for 4 x 12 cm fans on top to suck all heat out and wouldn't change coolers direction for now, if it will be problem i will change direction, i will not go for new coolers on CPU.
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