Dell Install Disk on a new custom PC?

A friend of mine wants to build a new system from the ground up. For his existing system he has one of these:

Can you use this on anything other than the original system to install Vista? I'm imagining you can't, because it will sense a major hardware change and the installation process will halt, but I've never tried it before so I don't really know.

Oh, sorry this is in the wrong section, I didn't scroll down far enough to see software... Duh
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  1. Yes... It can be done by using the Windows Key Code from the orginal PC (Sticker on the PC) and the disk. You will need to do an activation most likely over the phone versus the Internet. At this point, you will need to download all of the drivers from the manufacturer's website.

    I would recommend buying a new CD Key / Disk with Windows 7 64-bit to 1) Be truly legal & 2) have a better OS than Vista 32-bit :)
  2. Typically the Dell, HP, etc are scripted Window OS installers and if they work install all the wrong drivers. Also, typically fail or cause other oddball problems requiring a reformatting and reinstall. You can "try" then go through the Device Manager and right-click to Update Drivers.

    I will try to find a Microsoft ISO image and post a link. -> Nope only with my subscription Partner/MSDN ; nothing public. Slipstream will not work on a Recovery Disk either.

    Try @tecmo34 suggestion, cannot hurt to try.
  3. @jaquith: I would recommend sending the link through a PM, as it is against Tom's By-Laws to post a link like that within a post... Just a friendly heads up :)
  4. ^ Heck no, I am not giving out my MSDN account anyone or any secured info/link PM or not. Example XP SP2 {full install} is public on Microsoft, and I couldn't find any link.

    Slipstream -

    MSDN {Just need an account} ;) -
  5. I use Microsoft TechNet ( ) versus MSDN ... myself.
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    Just got an idea - use the Dell computer as the 'Dummy' PC, swap out for a fresh HDD {blank}, install Vista w/o S/N if possible or disconnect from internet, D/L and install the Drivers for the 'new' PC, shutdown, swap back the the HDDs, boot-up, verify the Device Manager - "should" work.

    Also, if the Dell install disk does have the S/N as part of the 'script' you can re-enter a new S/N {product key}.

    Oddball but 'should' work!

    Good Luck!
  7. ^ I am an OEM Partner - I get both.
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