Broken port on external hard drive

So I went to plug in my external hard drive and I noticed the port was set back and then I popped the top of it and it's fully disconnected. I'm not familiar with computer hardware and was looking for guidance.
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  1. You mean the connector on the enclosure right?

    If that is the case, just get a new enclosure. Take the HDD inside your broken enclosure out and put it in the new enclosure.
  2. Um, yes, the part where you put the usb cord into. Can I ask for layman's terms? Like what exactly is an enclosure? (Sorry I'm difficult.)
  3. Like the name says. It's an enclosure for the HDD. The external HDD you use is actually an HDD (the one inside the computer) within an enclosure. The enclosure is just a container to provide power and the connection interface for external use.
  4. Okay. I've got the idea now. Thanks for your time.
  5. You are welcome.

    Keep posting if you need recommendation and help on installation.
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