Error 1303 - Folder Sharing Error

I recently installed a new SSD drive, cloning my primary system partition over to the new drive. Since that time, I'm having an issue with software installs on the newly-cloned drive. Specifically, I've been trying to install a program and it runs through most of the install then pops an "Error 1303 - Insufficient Priviledges..." error box at me.

After looking through, I've found that the error occurs when the installer attempts to write program shortcuts to the "All Users\Desktop" folder--which is presently shown as not shared. I can manually enable sharing on the parent folder "All Users" and in all individual sub-folders EXCEPT "Desktop" where the option is not shown.

Any suggestions? I'm almost ready to give up and do a fresh install of Windows 8...shiver... Thanks for any insights you may have!
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  1. It sounds like your cloning software did not copy the folder permissions properly.
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