I5 2500k + hyper 212 evo too high temps

Hello I just had received my new case with hyper212 evo installed on my i5 2500k and with p8p67 LE...

So i checked my cpu temps without overclocking it was 36-41 at idle and 71c with prime95 torture test and then i overclocked it to 3.7ghz and the temps are 3.7 at idle and at 81c max with prime 95 so why are these so high?! i didnt install it my own the guy in the computer store did it and i also have all the ram slots occupied and i have very good cooling 2 intake at the front 1intake in the side and 2exhausts on the top and 1 exhaust at the back (I used to have max 74c with stock cooler without overclocking) so is it too high? should i re mount it?
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    Well, your voltage may be unnecessarily high for your overclock. Try lowering the voltage but keep the overclock and run prime 95 after to ensure stability. Aim to achieve the lowest possible value for voltage while still maintaining CPU stability. In addition, how much thermal paste did you put on the heatsink? Too much and too little is not good....
  2. If you have the voltage set to auto, it will ramp up with the multiplier and cause some pretty intense temperatures/voltages. I'd set the thing up for fixed voltage and set it to 1.15 or so and work from there. If you're still getting insane temperatures; that cooler isn't installed properly! I can clock at 4.4Ghz@1.3v and still stay under 70C with the 212 with two fans.
  3. I have i5 2500k at 4.4 ghz at 1.34v with Evo. Idle (20C room temp) temps are 30C.

    Can you post some pics of your Bios settings? I think the issue is your settings, not fan cooling.

    Your motherboard is the Asus p8p67, right? That's a great board and should get 4.8ghz easily. (I have a $100 motherboard.)
  4. Ok thank you all for your relpies i opened it and the stupid guy were put alot of thermal paste on it so i removed it and applied pea size on the heatsink now its around 35c at idle and max 59c with 4.2ghz OC thanks all... btw the max voltage for i5 2500k is 1.500 right? mine goes to 1.340 on 100% usage
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  6. My 2600k @ 4.4Ghz runs to 1.25v on my current offset setting and I don't break 60C with it under intelburntest. xD

    Do some studying on the voltage offsets and how they work. I can actually run 100% stable at 4.0Ghz at 1.15v fixed but at offset I have to let it get to about 1.2v to be stable at idle. These chips "can" handle 1.5v; but I don't suggest anything over 1.350v personally. I won't let my chip hit 1.3v in my rig either. :)

    At 4.4Ghz I have the voltage offset down to -0.040v and don't break into the 1.3v range at all and it's stable as could be. The best thing; the temperatures with my 212 are better than they ever were at stock settings because my voltage even at this overclock is lower than it automatically ran at stock.
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