Help on Asus P6T maximum RAM accepted

I need to add as much RAM to my computer for demanding video aditing applications.
My system is currently:
Motherboard : ASUS P6T
Processor: Intel I7-920
Dual Booth Windows XP 32 bits/ Windows 7 64 bits
Graphic card : Intel GeForce GTX 470

I am planning to add 16 Go Ram (2x8 Go (kit 2x 4 Go) DDR3-SDRAM PC3-10600 - OCZ3G1333LV8GK

Can anyone tell me if my system can stand such Memory?

I find contradictory information on ASUS technical notice and user's guide. One says a maximum of 2 Go per memory slot, thae other one says 24Go Maximul RAM...
Thanks to anyone who has experiences above 12 Go.
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  1. The board clearly supports 24GB of memory and has 6 slots. 24 / 6 = 4. The mobo can accept 4GB sticks.

    You should add RAM in matched groups of three sticks, or you lose lose memory performance. All sticks should be the same spec or it will all run at the speed of the slowest stick.
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