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Hi all i am experiencing a really odd problem and need help pinpointing the problem. About a month ago my monitor lost signal from my graphic card. I am not a computer hardware pro so i took it to the shop and the tech said he just reseated everything and it worked fine. When I brought computer home I still got no signal so i hooked up an adapter for 9 pin serial to the PIN on both end and fired it up. This worked, but if the computer is left off for a couple hours after i boot up i flashy screen from POST all the way to windows screen as if it is warming up. I have also had the monitor just go black in middle of a game.

After googling the problem i have come up with, it could be my card, it could be my power supply, it could be my cables and so on. what i have tried is connecting a second monitor to this computer and it worked fine with no flashing. the difference is my current monitor is a widescreen and the other was not. I have tried different DVI cables with no luck, infact if i use DVI cables i get a no signal on screen.

I believe it is the graphic card about to conk out on me. Does anyone has an idea of what is going on here, is it the card or something else?

Crosshair motherboard
Nivida 8800gts
4gigs ram
800 watt powersupply
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  1. Sounds like it's not getting enough power. Test it with another power supply if you can.
    The GPU will use more power when running games and rendering 3D than on the desktop which could explain it cutting out on you.
    8800 series is pretty long in the tooth now, my own 8800gtx ended up having a memory failure after 2yr or so , similar problem to yours but had random glitching on the screen beforehand.
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