GTX 660 Ti OC Help!

I have an Asus Direct CUII (GTX 660 Ti) Clock speeds are, 915mhz stock and 980mhz boost. Should i OC it? IS it a risk? IF i do OC ill use Asus's GPU Tweak to do it.

This is for all 660 Ti owners:
What clock speeds did you guys get to?

This is to all:
IF i do OC, how much of a performance increase will i really see(can i notice it)? And on full load my GPU is 65C, is that normal??? I can cool it down by ramping up the fan RPM but i want a really quiet PC.

My Specs:
Intel 3770
Asus P8Z77 V PRO
Asus GTX 660 Ti DCII
Corsair 500r
Corsair HX650
8GB Corsair Vengeance.
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  1. You have normal temperatures full load with that card, as for overclock you can use the asus gpu teak, msi afterburner,evga precision,etc.
    You can see here what kind of overclock or fps you can have by oc(it's just a guideline, that card can oc even better, but also can overclock worse).
  2. I OCed my gtx 660 SS with +50Mhz on the gpu and +500Mhz on the memory. Only hits 76C in stress test. My card is from EVGA though.
  3. is 76 Celsius to hot for this kind of card? Im running about the same on farcry 3 on ultra
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    I think 76C is safe. I have 2 GTX 660Ti's in SLI and that's pretty much your best bang for the buck. I get like 50% better performance than a GTX 680. So if you want to upgrade in the future you'll have one killer setup.

    My GTX 660 Ti's run at about 66C a piece while gaming and about 70C during a burn in test. I think they are safe up until about the low 80's. That's as high as I owuld go.

    My overclock on these cards is about +100 on the core and +400 on the memory. Which I think is about 1150Mhz clock speed. You gotta watch on these cards though. An overclock will play benchmarks fine and some games too, but then one certain game will crash. I own the EVGA version and it's sort of finicky. I can't really get above where I'm at.

    As for Far Cry 3. On the GTX 660 Ti you can put everything on Ultra or close to it as long as you only have 2x MSAA or lower. Any more MSAA than that and you'll have to dial the settings back a little. You like to have 60 FPS always. And that's what I get with one card will all settings on close to ultra with only 2x MSAA. The whole reason I got 2 cards is to run this game and some others with more MSAA. It seems that MSAA really brings these cards to there knees on SOME games.
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