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Will this fit or new case

i was thinking about trying Ek H30 240 HFX Advanced Liquid Cooling Kit .
My question is do you think this would work with a COOLER MASTER Storm Scout ?
the radiator should fit on the window or in front of the power supply on the bottom, but filled with water it might be too heavy for the plastic window. and i have no idea were the resivoir will sit, it looks like it has mounting brackets in the window. were does that go? i read the sticky, and it seems to be a good kit.
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  1. have you tried googling your case and watercooling in the same search box? should turn out with interesting results.
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    Or scoping the W/c gallery is always good for tips and ideas :-)
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  4. Glad to help man, hope you got sorted ok?
    Thank you for B.a.
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