Help needed... graphics card for P4 2.4

hey guys..i have been looking to buy a graphics card for my P4 has 1.5 Gb ram...can u suggest me a 50$ AGP tht i can play atleat Half life 2,CSS and HL2 episodes...also some old games..(<2006 era) i need it for only 3 months therefore my budget is low..also i can't distinguish b/w AGP x2,x4,x8 tell me how to do AGP slot is of brown colour...
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  1. i have AGPx8 and springdale-G MOBO
  2. You are probably best off checking ebay for a used card. Something like a 7600GT perhaps.
  3. can i use it with HD 5970..which i will get after three months :-)...also can these cards can play cod4
  4. yeah look for a 7600gt agp, that should do :)
  5. You cannot use a 5970 with your current setup as it is a PCIE card your P4 CPU would bottleneck it very badly even if you could use it.

    Minimum requirements: (cod4)
    CPU: Intel® Pentium® 4 2.4 GHz, AMD® Athlon™ 64 2800+ processor
    or any 1.8Ghz Dual Core Processor or better.
    RAM: 512MB RAM (768MB for Windows Vista)
    HD: 8GB Free SPace
    GFX: NVIDIA® Geforce™ 6600, ATI® Radeon® 9800Pro or better

    Your current CPU, RAM and HD are good but it apears you will need to get atlest a geforce 6600 or radeon 9800pro, 7600gt would be in the clear.
  6. well i guess HD 4670 should do the job..maybe a little costlier..and also HD 5970 i was not going to use in my this system..i will be building a whole new system...also plz tell which mobo is best till date...
  7. If you are willing to go over that $50 and buy new just get the HD4650 instead;
    much more reasonable price than the AGP HD4670 and you wouldn't see too much difference on a P4 anyway.
  8. is HD 3850 better by the fact that it has 256-bit interface
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    It is better(than the HD4650) although it has more to do with the processor. It also uses over twice as much power and needs a PCIE power connector so make sure whatever PSU you have in that thing can handle it.
    Also, again, I'm not sure if you will see all that much difference between the two cards on that CPU.
  10. thts final i m getting HD 4650..well also answer about MOBO..which is best till date
  11. You'll need to be more specific. Can't recommend a motherboard without knowing what processor/socket you mean.
  12. actually i have less knowledge about sockets but i will be using intel i7 processors(920)..and the 5970..i have looked at x58i but i have no idea is it gud value for money..also tell how much the performance is affected with change of motherboard
  13. how is xeon workstation processor for gaming...
  14. dont get a xeon for gaming, they are a bit overpriced because they are for workstations/servers.

    An i5 or i7 (socket LGA 1156 or 1366) would be great for a HD 5970. As for motherboards you could just go with one that has some of the most reviews on newegg (just to simplify things up). All of the top rated/ most reviews on newegg are the best/popular choices, cant realy go wrong doing that.
  15. is Hd 5970 worth of extra 300$ in comparison of Hd i can't see large performance difference maximum was ~10fps(not much for me)..and i will be playing in reso not more than 1240x1024..cause i need to save some money for workstation card also
  16. I do not see why you would need a 5970 for 1240x1024 resolution. That's a card for 30" monitors and eyeinifity setups. The performance gain will certainly not be worth it, go with a 5770. A 5850 would still be okay though, nothing like some future-proofing LOL. You'll be gaming for many years to come XD.
  17. so wht if my mind changes and i wana go eyeinfinity...can i crossfire HD 5770 and Hd 5970
  18. Three 1240x1024 screens would make a 3720x1024 screen (3.8 million pix). I think you would be better off with a new 1920x1080 (2.0 million pix) screen over Eyefinity 1240x1024. Id get a 5850 for either.

    Edit you cannot crossfire a 5770 with a 5970.
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  20. well guys thnks for info..but i happy with 1240x1024...because u know wht..i have been gaming on intel 865G for 5 years on 640x480 1240x1024 is more than enough for,,ahhhh. can't wait to get exams over
  21. i wanted to give a best to paperfox also..for info on my next offence to anybody
  22. adi_game said:
    well guys thnks for info..but i happy with 1240x1024...because u know wht..i have been gaming on intel 865G for 5 years on 640x480 1240x1024 is more than enough for,,ahhhh. can't wait to get exams over

    If you don't plan on upgrading your monitor you should forget about the HD5970 and the HD5850 as well. The HD5770 is much cheaper and is already massive overkill for 1280x1024. Buying a card that is more expensive is pretty much entirely pointless without a monitor of at least 1680x1050 or higher.
  23. i will buy a new monitor..but with higher resolution performance decreases..tell me how much difference is there when playing on these kind of resolutions like 1680x1050 or terms of visual display..i mean over 1240x1024 i can't say there will be any difference correct me if i m wrong
  24. Well yes, you need a card appropriate for the resolution of your monitor. It doesn't really matter on CRTs but on LCD monitors it is always best to use your native resolution. Basically for any resolution below 1920x1080 the HD5770 should be great. At that resolution it would still be good but if you have the money an HD5850/70 would make a difference.
    The HD5970 really is meant for 2560x1600 but those monitors tend to be very expensive, usually over $1000.
    If you are asking if you will notice a difference when gaming at resolutions over 1280x1024 the answer is definitely. The image wont just be sharper it will also be larger as the screens are bigger. 1280x1024 is usually 15-19", 1920x1080 monitors tend to be 23-26" while 2560x1600 are 30+"
  25. hmmm....i have a CRT monitor now and its native reso looks to be 1024x768(17")..when i game at 1024x768 and 1280x1024 the difference i see is only that things just gets smaller nothing so special(while playing CS) higher resolution have benifit only with bigger monitor..say if use 1920x1080 reso on a monitor tht is smaler in size will it make any graphical improvement
  26. Those two resolutions are close together and on a smallish CRT you are right, there wont be a large difference. On an LCD and with a much larger screen the differences are much more obvious. Moving from 1280x1024 to 1920x1080 will be closer to the difference from the 640x480 to 1024x768 that you've already experienced.
    Well, maybe not quite that large a difference. 640x480 is just horribly bad. lol
  27. i guess 1680x1050 will be best..can i get 25+ fps in crysis everything very high,4xAA,2XAF and 1680x1050 resolution with Hd 5770(core i7 920 and 6 Gb RAM are the other things which i will i have)if not what should be resolution to get tht FPS(~25) should not get below 25 as below tht it will not playable at all.
  28. It can do that with AA off, maybe at 2x, but not 4x. I really don't recommend making any sort of purchasing decision based on what level of anti aliasing you can apply in 1 game. Also at higher resolutions AA tends to matter less as it is used to smooth out edges and a higher resolution naturally does that on its own.
  29. well 2 x AA is at least a thing i tht realy a demanding thing(LOL i have never experienced any anti aliasing in my life of gaming)
  30. It's one of the more demanding settings. Not too big of a deal at higher resolutions although it's still nice and can help a lot at lower resolutions.
    Crysis is by far the most intensive game so I wouldn't use it as a reasonable standard to judge a card.
  31. i m done i will play crysis at 1280x1024 with 2xAA and other games at higher reso also can i use a workstation card (for DCC) with HD 5770 obviously not in crossfire.
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