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Thoughts on Mayhem's Aurora

The Concentrate, not the dye. I have read the sticky and it did state somewhere to only used distilled water with a biocide. But I have seen tests done with the Mayhems Aurora concentrate and it was right there with distilled water when it came to temperatures. Is it bad to use it?
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    you seem to have made your mind up, with I think two threads asking near similar questions. Its your loop, not ours. You mess it up, you clean it. Simple really. Head down to OCN, there's a whole thread/gallery of mayhems works+users.

    as stated previously, expect temps to rise from anywhere between 2~8C 10C max but if its higher than that, then the problem is in you loop+blocks.

    you'll run mayhems for a few months and then tear down the entire loop with a very large troll look on everyone's face around you -> not fun scrubbing crud off of blocks with a toothbrush :)

    *you've been warned. # I'm getting the Mayhems Pastel Gigabyte Orange concentrate, don't think I'll use it after I read Mick binned alot of it , must've been an issue with the batch or their lineup. However, I'm going to try it out on my corsair H50 mod, if things go well, I'll have it in another setup, but in no way will i jeopardize my components to make it look good.
  2. :< This is my first time asking this question though.

    But I understand what you mean. I'm undecided still on what to go with, I might go with Aurora, then again I might go with just distilled water.
  3. I have an H50 that I'm thinking of passing on a death sentence, so I thought I'd use the mayhem, see where/how the name has caught onto so many people.

    go distilled, hassle/worry free operation. Plus the temps will be great -> I mean that is why your watercooling, right?
  4. Good point haha
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