Suggestions On AMD Budget Build

This computer im making is built around this processor - Running on windows 7 64 bit.

It appealed to me because it seemed new, and high quaility without being too powerful for the average person like i7. The most intensive gaming I have ever done or ever plan to do are the likes of HON and some light WOWing. I like multitasking and I intend to make use of certain things like fraps but nothing too intense. I also wanted it to be kind of cheap so I could afford some cosmetic appeal in a 23 inch ( not that big to a computer person but impresses the family) and a backlit keyboard to match with my case and look cool at night. With what I wanted in mind i went ahead and purchased the following parts when they were on special deals.

moniter -

case -

video -

You will notice my case comes with a 500w and that my card is an SLI supported card. I do not however, intend to use SLI. I doubt SLI would even show a difference on such mild games ( though I'd love to be proven wrong) . So I'm wondering if I could slide with the current psu. Here are the rest of the parts.



Mobo - OR

Mem -

Keyboard -

The conflict over motherboards is due to my friend insisting HDMI doesn't show any difference in quality and only saves you one plug. I'm looking for some insight on my build, additions and replacements on the parts I haven't bought yet are welcomed, maybe you saw something better but please remember the word budget.
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  1. No specs are listed for that PSU @ NewEgg so perhaps a little more investigating would be a good idea. I know it's not a top-tier PSU purely based on the cost of the case/PSU combo... it's just not... no how... no way. However, it may be enough for your needs. The PSU should have a label on it that provides more information about it.

    I'm a little confused over what you'll be using the HDMI connection for. You've got a video card with two DVI connections... so what will the HDMI connection be used for?
  2. Too bad on the Case and Video Card.......

    Ram: Mushkin Enhanced Blackline 4GB 104 after MIR

    HDD: Seagate 7200.12 500GB $55 or the 1tb drive is 89 I think

    Forgot a Mobo.....GIGABYTE GA-770TA-UD3 AM3 AMD 770 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX AMD Motherboard
  3. Would this power supply be sufficient then if my 500w proves to be a low quality? Should I even risk using the 500? Could it damage my other parts if there's a problem with it?
  4. That PSU is a nice one.

    Problem with cheap PSU's is that if they blow they can take everything else with them. So buying a quality PSU is VERY important.
  5. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    1- The case looks good for me. But the PSU isn't, you can get a better case without PSU at a less price. Something like this
    2- this is a better mobo
    3- Get the Spinpoint F3. See here
    4- For RAM, select one of this
    5- You can get a PSU like this
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