Amd Phenon II x4 960T: OC Good start?

So im a begginer OCer. And I am just wondering if I am on a good start? I've been overclocking with AMD Over drive because for some reason, overclocking in BIOS is impossible. But I prefer AMD Over drive instead.

Anyways. I've only been through 4 Blue Screens and it seems that that what I have now is pretty stable. Tough it's only been roughly 3 hours of stable testing, It seems that I am getting somewhere with my OC.

Also my Temperture surprises me so much. After reading several post on overclocking people mention how their CPU temp rises to 55 + or is at 30 when idle. My temperture when idle it is almost always stable at 22 degrees, while when running a demanding game like APB: Reloaded or using Prime, OOCT or GPU:TOOL, it almost never surpasses 40. And I live in San Diego... Anyways..

It seems that I could potentially go further and maybe get up to 4.4 or atleast 4.2 with this Chip... Opinions?

Opinions on my Over Clock?
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  1. I have an AMD cpu and I used AMD Overdrive to overclock as well. It looks like you are at 3.9 and are stable. If you are not getting any BSOD's or temp fluctations, then your overclock is successful. If you are getting the performance you want out your setup then you dont need to go any higher. Good work
  2. Thanks for yoru reply. I think I will stay at 3.9.
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