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I'm looking for ram to get for my system that I plan to buy in about a month.

case: antec 900 two
gpu: 2x msi cyclone gtx 460 768mb
cpu: i5-760
motherboard: asus sabertooth 55i
psu: corsair 750w 80+ certified
hd: samsung spinpoint f3

I'm going to be using this system for gaming and want to have the best possible gaming experience at highest settings at 1920*1080. These are the three different ram choices I have narrowed down to.

ram 1
ram 2
ram 3

If I plan to not overclock which one is better?
If I plan to overclock which is better?
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  1. The Ripjaw F3 GBRM seems likely to have the most headroom as it has tight numbers that can be expanded (the c9s are already kind of high) if you will. Not OC'ing and with your setup just go with the GBRLs because if you don't care to overclock than the ram speed probably doesn't really matter to you, but money should.
  2. Even the cheapest ram 2 can provide overclocking to 1600. This choice is good because it's cheap, yet overclockable.
    Even if you don't plan to overclock, this memory will do very well at normal speed (1333).

    For extra buck for Ram 1, you can run at 1600 at tight timings 7-8-7-24-2N. But the change will not be seen by eyes. Maybe 3~5% only.
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    Performance-wise you will likely not notice the difference between these 3. If you're not going to OC, the fastest frequency you can run is 1333 MHz. If price is no option, throw out choice #2 because #1 and #3 have lower timings.

    Between these three choices #1 and #3 are spec'ed the same except that #3 requires less Voltage. Lower V could have the added advantage of producing less heat. Given they're the same price, go with #3 - get the G.SKILL ECO 1600 F3-12800CL7D-4GBECO
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