Video Card Recommendation?

I've decided to finally upgrade my Dual Core processor to an i5 (possibly an i7 if I can spare the cash) for quad core gaming/computing. So this means I need a new motherboard, and DDR 3 RAM to take advantage of the new board. At this point, I hate my case, so I'm going to get a new case. So in reality, I'm just going to build a new machine.

These are the specs I'm looking at:

Intel Core i5-750
motherboard is unknown, still looking
750W power supply
6 to 8 megs of 1333 ram
Windows 7 Home (64 bit)
running dual monitors (32" and 22")

I've been looking through the graphics card benchmarks, but I still am not sure what I should do. Current games I'm playing: World of Warcraft, Left 4 Dead 2. Play to pick up Borderlands and Dragons age at some point.

In my current rig, I have a Geforce 260, which has been performing pretty well. (will likely sell my current system to help pay for the new system)

I'm eyeing the Radeon 5770. I don't mind running dual cards (it should be in my budget). It appears that the 260 in SLI is getting almost 10 FPS better than the 5770 in Crossfire.

Any recommendations on what I should put in this system? Can't decide to go single or double card.
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  1. Get an HD5850 for the same price as 2x HD5770, and then crossfire that later down the road.
  2. agreed^^
  3. nothing left to say here ^^
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    Always go single card instead of crossfire if the performance and price are going to be the same. 5850 vs. crossfired 5770s is a textbook example.

    Also, if you were still harboring notions of a second GTX 260, forget that as well. Spending $200 on a DirectX 10 card at this point is about as big of a waste as you can get.
  5. I think I agree with you. I'm running at 32" LCD tv at 1080P and a 22" monitor at it's max (720P) Will I lose performance running the monitors at two different resolutions?

    And will I be able to take advantage of the Eyefinity with different resolutions?
  6. No, they have to be the same resolution.
  7. Hey, your specs say 1333mhz ram. For 6-8gb you should try to find 1600mhz, the prices are really similar, and you will appreciate it in the long run
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  9. Wow this thread has problems... dual 5770s will match a 5870 and beat out a 5850 by a good 10%. The scaling and compatibility issues were about two years ago, now they are not worth mentioning with only two cards. If you fully plan on buying a second 5850 in about a year or less, then get the 5850. If not then something better will be out then another 5850 for the money. 5770s are noticeably faster to be honest, I'm not sure what these people are talking about.

    Read for yourself before you listen to the masses.
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