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Here is a basic drawing of a case deign that I think would work quite well. I have visions of getting a basic ATX case and stripping it down and making new sides out of curved sheet mild steel. Painted in a Kawasaki green. The optical drives I want to be like the Packard Bell ones, where you have the desired panel on the front and hinge it so that you can still open it through the outside.

A second thought of what I have just seen to to put the case on large casters and have the air going straight in at the front. like this

What do you think?

C Cowan
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  1. If it's going to be a Water Cooling case, then cooling source is done. Now it's just the design and the way it looks, which is up to you! You're the one that will be using/ looking at it for the majority of the time, unless you're going to sell it; if this is the case, you will have to make sure it is appealing and not an eye soar :)

    I'm just waiting to sell my current computer and building another computer and I'm buying a cheap case and modifying it.
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