After windows xp installation my laptop does not recognize the battery

I downgraded my thoughbook CF19 software from Windows Vista to windows XP , since then my thoughbook does not recognize the battery. if I don't plug it to the AC adapter it will not start. and in the power options it said Battery not Present. even if my battery and ac adapter are brand new. Any help please. Do I need some patch or a driver?
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  1. You need to install a Windows XP driver for you laptop. That might be hard to impossible depending on your ingenuity at identifying a similar laptop that has an XP driver available.
  2. You need to find out the model number of your battery and find a driver for it. Then restart your computer and see what happens. See when you downgrade a pc. All the drivers from vista are trying to run on XP. Therefore, their incompatible. I hope I helped. :)

    I've had a problem before with my XP speaker drivers? Do yours work? If they don't, try this:
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