No USB power when PC is off?

Im not sure if this particularly is a motherboard questions but for some reason whenever i turn on my computer, my USB razer mouse doesnt "turn on"

Technically its on because the emblem is glowing and i am actually able to right click and bring of the typical right click menu, but for some reason i am unable to move the mouse around at all. The only way i know of to fix this is to just remove the USB cord and plug it back in. Another interesting thing is whenever i just restart my PC, the mouse works on start up. its only when i actually turn off my computer and turn it back on that it doesnt register movement...

I am totally perplexed by this which is why the only thing i could think of is maybe the motherboard isnt giving the USB ports anypower when the PC is off, but when i restart it, obviously the ports have power.

Also ive checked all bios settings and what not and everything aims to show that the USB ports should have power.

Another thing is that this started happening randomly. No system settings or hardware changes have taken place since this has started....

Any suggestions?
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  1. ASUS & Gigabyte have their own versions of "ON/OFF" features for USB Power. Look at the available Drivers/Utilities listed for your {MOBO}. If it's listed D/L + Install.

    Also, you may need to {Enable} 'power on' by mouse. Typically, this is part of the 'Power States' of hibernation or sleep in Windows; you may also want to look at your MOBO's BIOS update list {USB Mouse - update}.

    Good Luck!
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