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So here's some background:

I just built a new computer and installed a wirless N card, which is backwards compatible g/b. My roommate is an apple fanatic and refuses to do away with his airport extreme (g) router. Unfortunately, my room seems to be a deadzone for the wireless connection from this apple router. It could be the N card in conjunction with the Apple G router, but for whatever reason the signal is fairly weak and continually drops even after I tried adding an antenna and using a USB wireless G dongle.

So, I purchased a Linksys N router - success! My signal is great and the speed is fast...until my roommate complains that he wants his apple router hooked up because it works with all of his apple AP/bridges hooked up throughout the apartment.

Trust me, I know all the reason why his request is stupid and why we should just use the faster and more powerful wireless N router, but I'd prefer to just work around the issue and give the apple fairy what he wants.

So here's what I'm trying to do:

Essentially, I'd like to split the internet connection between the two routers so that there are 2 separate WLANs. I have a 10/100 4 port linksys switch laying around (I don't think it has a WAN port, just 4 LANs). Will this work? Or do I need to purchase a third wired router to split the connection?

The image above is what I'd like to do, but I'd like to see if I can replace the "internet router" with just a switch. If that can be done - how? If it can't be done - then what should I do?

I know some basic stuff about networking, but for all intents and purposes just pretend I'm your 50 year old boss at work who thinks windows update will put a virus on his comoputer (true story).

Thank you in advance for the help guys!
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  1. I have a similar setup (a bit more complex than yours) and you need the Internet router. What isn't as obvious is where all of your equipment is located. Are each router shown in the above diagram in separate rooms?
  2. No, both routers and the cable modem are in the same room. The computers aren't - obviously that's where the wireless is needed.
  3. Does the Linksys N router have Ethernet ports? If so, then connect it to the modem and connect the Apple G router to it (or the other way around). If none has Ethernet ports, then your diagram is your only option.
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