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I have a Compaq F577 laptop with AMD Turion X2. The Broadcom wireless adapter will not power on anymore, tried everything, reinstall software and hardware way. I was looking at the Gigabyte AirCruiser GN-WS30N-RH. It will fit but I am not sure if it will be compatible with my laptop. Compaq aka HP can block certain Bios features sometimes.

If any1 can post successful replacement with HP or Compaq laptops cases, that will be helpfull.

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  1. Yes, I'd be wary of trying to add non-standard wireless PCI. I've tried to replace a dial up modem in an older Dell with a wireless adapter and various error messages appeared and the computer wouldn't boot.

    There have been posts about HP models refusing to accept generic but virtually identical adapters.

    Simpler and cheaper really to add a PCMCIA slot type wireless adapter or, of course, USB.
  2. I already have TP-Link usb but most usb adapters would disconnect more than PCI ones because of the lower signal and only having 3 usb ports. The usb adapter tops at about 1.5 mb/s when I get 5.8-6 mb/s with Ethernet. hmm so even if I get the same model , Broadcom, it wont work? :(

    Its really annoying with the usb thing sticking out, I already broke 2 :lol:
  3. Bearing in mind that Broadcom probably make 50% of the chipsets that go into wireless adapters, I think that if HP want to be bloody-minded in this way they will have restricted the BIOS against anything except their own version.

    Does your laptop have a PCMCIA slot -- I think those type of wireless adapters work better and they are less fragile than USB.
  4. There isn't. Silly HP.
  5. I found this, a way to modd the Bios, hmm have to read all tomorrow I guess.

    Seems too risky though lmao had to do some Hex to make the HD4850 work with Mac Os X long time ago.
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    There's usually a hack for these things but often they only work with specific hardware. Very interesting, but it would be simpler to buy an exact replacement wireless adapter.

    Often the best way is to look for a complete computer from the same brand and series with a broken screen -- from a repair shop, flea market. That way you get spare drives and memory too and often cheaper than a single component on e-bay.

    I built my first laptop from three different Dells that way.
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  8. Sadly, my Bios cannot be edited as it is locked by HP with the latest version. Overflow error when running with Phoenix Bios Editor, so a Replacement with the exact number is better.
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