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While 8gb of memory seems more than enough to me, I have a friend who recommended upgraded to 16gb. I questioned and said I rarely use all four gigs on my old desktop, why would I need 16? He said something about when actually rendering video you can utilize all your memory, however much, to speed up the process. (WARNING: I might have butchered what he said since I really didn't understand what he said <_<) So I am curious if that's true(or something like it) and if programs like Adobe Premiere automatically take advantage of more ram or you have to tell it to.

I currently use Adobe CS5 and when rendering video I still don't get near maxing out my four gigs. And the I7 Processors only use up to 8gb so how would 16gb of ram improve windows experience to rendering a video? Do I have to tell adobe to use memory?

Help appreciated!
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  1. I recommend 4GB for almost everyone,because its enough for all tasks.I only would recommend 8GB if you have lots of image/video editing pages opened at the same time, so 8GB is more than enough and there is no need to upgrade to 16GB IMO.
  2. Vote for 8GB. 16GB is twice 8GB and that's only used for a machine running several virtual servers.
    Btw, unless you're a Hollywood boxoffice movie editor that renders 30 minutes of 3D models animation at 2560x1920, you won't need that much.
  3. What if a person is running instances of games simultaneously and the time spent alt+tabbing matters a lot?
    My brother runs few Jade Dynasty (mmo with great graphics) instances for different characters, and each one eats up to 1gb of memory on the 4GB machine - rendering it slow in general.
    Would 16GB make a huge impact, or the difference between 8 and 16 is not at all noticeable in this scenario?
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