SSD not being recognized by UEFI

Hey all! I haven't posted here before, but over the past few years I've found so many good answers on these boards that this was the first place I thought of for this quirky hard drive problem. Hopefully this is the right forum, although I wonder if it would be more appropriate in the motherboard forum -- if you agree mods, feel free to move.

New computer I built has four 3 TB WD Greens in it and one SSD (hardware info at bottom). It worked great for a while -- specifically while I was booted on a live USB and performing a Funtoo installation. Funtoo installation's almost complete, so I decide to boot into it and make sure everything's working okay. I do so, it boots fine but I notice a couple of problems that I would prefer to fix in a chroot environment. So I reboot back on the live USB, and, if memory serves me correctly, it starts giving me this message: "Failed machine check." Obscure and scary sounding mobo error? Uh-oh. I try a few different USB ports, no joy. I clear the CMOS, same thing happens. I reinstall the image on the live USB and try to boot again. No more failed machine check, this time it just says there's nothing bootable.

Maybe it's time for that USB stick to get zero'd, I dunno. Either way, I decide life is too short, so I poke around and find a live CD to try instead. I boot three or four live CDs and none of them will see this day-old SSD. Panicking, I look through UEFI for it; but it's not detected. I play with the disk drive modes, reboot several times, can't get it to show up. I wonder if the SATA connections fell off -- I'm not using right angle cables, and, well, who knows? I'm too emotionally defeated to do anything anymore though, so I decide to drink too much and try again in the morning.

This morning I popped her open. Can't tell if a cable was loose or not because I pulled the drive out of it's external expansion slot first and that would have pulled the power cable off. Either way, I make sure the power and SATA's in nice and tight and start her up. I see GRUB booting, freak out with excitement, then decide the same thing I thought last night -- "I still need to boot a live environment, chroot in and fix those things..," so, I reboot and the SSD disappears again!!!

I've built several systems before, but I've never had access to such nice hardware -- I have to admit, concepts like motherboard voltage are pretty abstract to me. I checked the OC voltage section in UEFI, everything's set to auto.

Mobo ASRock Z68 Pro (, 3 TB WD Greens x4 (, 240 GB Mushkin Enhanced Chronos SSD (, CPU - i7 2700k (clock speed unadjusted as of now, cooled by Noctua NH-D14), Patriot 4 GB DDR3 RAM x4 (16GB) and an Antec 1000W PSU (

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  1. Now it's righted itself? Didn't open the case again, haven't touch UEFI. Does anyone have any ideas why UEFI would only recognize a drive intermittently? I guess it's great that it's working right now, but this box is partially a home server -- it's not exactly production, but I would like uptime to be based on factors besides how my motherboard feels today..
  2. Intermittently recognizing a drive smells of loose connection , either end of the sata cable or the port irself , you could try a different port if one is available or switch one of the others just to test the theory.
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