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Hello, I want to replace my motherboard MSI P55-GD55 . Its Control Center software (for overclocking, fan control etc.) never worked and continues to crash. What do you recommend? The chip is an i7 860. Works fine.
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    Have you tried changing the settings from the BIOS ?
  2. Thanks. No, I've not done that yet. I looked over the directions from MSI for changing the BIOS and they scared me! There is a lot of potential for doing real damage and there's no guarantee that is the problem. Any suggestion for a safe way to change the BIOS.
  3. Always make changes from the BIOS,not from a software(because of instability issues),check the Overclocking section in the forums and you'll find great guides there.
  4. I'm not suggesting a software fix. I was suggesting an alternative motherboard. Is this not a better approach since we don't know if changing the bios will work and because in trying to fix it the risks may end up messing things further? I would try the bios change only if I knew of a safe way of doing it.
  5. Its safe as long as you read the guides, check the Overclocking section,there are lots of useful guides there.
    Here is a good one i found,
  6. I think we're trying to solve different problems. I'm not trying set overclocking parameters, at least not yet. I cannot get the Control Center software to display properly so that I can control parameters from there. That software, which came with the MSI motherboard, just does not work. MSI recognize that is a problem and suggest I redo all parameters by first creating a pendrive and then reboot with a modified bios. I think there is potential there for doing real damage.
  7. Oh sorry for my misunderstanding.
    Yes that's definitely risky,because modifying the BIOS is dangerous and if anything goes wrong,it may kill your motherboard.
  8. Then, do you accept my suggestion for the need to replace the motherboard? It was by MSI and comes with defective software, as I found out on forums after I had bought it.
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    Although the software may not be useful most of the times, but replace it.Because like you mentioned,the board has come with a faulty software.
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