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So I posted earlier about my new amd 965 running hot and got some great suggestions. I have it in a CM 690 case, with stock cooling so far. I am about to get a bunch more fans and probably a chip cooler (I need to redo the thermal grease regardless) and wanted to post to get some experienced suggestions on the what and in what order.

Cost is an object here, but here is what I am thinking:

First, fans:

Remove all of the stock fans. The front LED is pushing no air at all. The back fan is fine but kinda slow compared to where I am going, so will be unbalanced. The stock panel fan has something wrong with it, probably the bearing, and whines terribly, and is also slow.

Replace with 120mm (can't find any decent 140's) Zalman F3's (first cost effective choice based on what I have read) or high speed Yate Loons from Petras.

Replace front LED and add an additional Led fan with high speed Yates LED (wherever I can find them), or Zalmans (can't find them), or Rosewills from New Egg (read good things about it on a review on it, I think on XS). If you know of another blue LED 80ish (rated) CFM fan, let me know.

That will give me 8 high speed capable fans, I need a controller to run them.

In the future, a chip cooler.

Which, I don't know. Space will likely be a problem from what I see of the size of the chip coolers out there and the CM 690 case. I will almost certainly have to take off the panel fan I am about to add because the panel fan is right over the CPU (good!) but these coolers look to big to allow it to be there (bad!). I have heard the CM 212 is not too bad for a low price cooler, but other suggestions are very welcome.

So having laid that out, what would you all do? Cooler first? Different fans? What controller to run all these fans?

Keeping cost down as much as possible, I would love to see you all lay out what you think the plan and solution should be for my system.

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  1. You seem like you have an idea on what to do. My opinion is go with a water cooling system for your cpu if your case can hold one. Corsair H50 is 79 bucks and will drop down your cpu temps significantly especially if you run the push pull configuration. But if you decide to go with the new fans i would use a nzxt fan controller http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811992005&cm_re=nzxt-_-11-992-005-_-Product <<<<36 Bucks and it is easy on the eyes and wallet and does a very good job. For fans i would suggest Rosewill RFA-120-BL These have the blue led's but they also have the standard no led as well. Also if you do decide on the air cpu cooler the cm212 is actually not too bad at all it should fit in your case.
  2. Thanks for the reply!

    I thought about the H50, especially as BBuy and Fry's had them on sale lately. However, looking at frostyCPU, I think it was, better results were achieved (but not more quiet), with some of the higher end air cpu coolers (Noctua DH14, Megahelms, others), at the same cost or less. But these are THEIR results, I am not sure whether others have had different experiences?

    Generally, even under full load on Prime95, my system temps are about 6-9 degrees C over ambient, but my CPU temps are much higher.

    And I seem to have gotten a bit of the tinkers bug in building this new system, so I want to OC for no particular reason other than curiosity.

    Anyway, have you had a good experience with the H50? It is certainly something I am interested in considering.
  3. ^ the Dh14 is the best under 500$ Cooling soultion period.

    the onkyl thing that beats it is L2N, Dry Ice, And full out Water.

    Stay awya from the H50.
  4. builderbobftw said:
    ^ the Dh14 is the best under 500$ Cooling soultion period.

    9th place outta 19 here ... 5C hotter than the top dog.

  5. catorres1 said:
    I thought about the H50, especially as BBuy and Fry's had them on sale lately. However, looking at frostyCPU, I think it was, better results were achieved (but not more quiet), with some of the higher end air cpu coolers (Noctua DH14, Megahelms, others), at the same cost or less. But these are THEIR results, I am not sure whether others have had different experiences?

    Though you'd always see a wide variance on these things as methods (i.e. does frostytech's review on a 775 have bearing on a 1366 CPU ?), CPU's, cases, etc all varied, the results are getting kinda consistent. Here's the latest one I have seen.


    If your want serious OC's, the Meagahalems w/ twin PWM fams, a TIM and a PWN Y cable splitter will run you close to $100. The Mugen 2100 can be had for like $34


    The H50 doesn't do a bad job of cooling a CPU, but as it reduces case air flow, the other components suffer. I'd also think twice about hi speed fans. After 1200 rpm, things start getting very loud. You want a nice relatively quiet non blingy fans, take a hard look at the Enermax Magmas's. (newegg outta stock).....I bought em when they were $7 now they're $17


    Bet you can find em cheaper.....but bat wings really throw air , very quiet compared w/ similar ones and blades are detachable for cleaning .... see customer reviews


    My son has a Antec 1200 w/ all the fans and the case is silent....all fans are on low speed and his OC profiles are at 3.7 Ghz (everyday profile w/ temps in mid 50's) and 4.2 Ghz (gaming w/ temps in low 70's)...interior case temps are 1C above room temperature. His MoBo has headers for 8 fans .... if you're not so blessed :) ..... a fan controller would be the way to go.....would recommend the NZXT Sentry 2 which will allow you to gang fans (typically 0.34 amps) together (10 amps per channel IIRC)

  6. JackNaylorPE said:

    I'm Stunned by that.

    Thank yo for setting my straight!
  7. Thanks for all the replies!

    On the controller, I want to put all my fans on it, does it have enough Watts per channel to do that? I would need to put 2 fans per channel, at least, I think. I don't know much about electrics, so I can't really tell. I just see a lot of people talking well about models that put out 20-45 watts per channel. 4-8 channels (Lampton and I think Sunbeam), but these don't have the LCD I want, well, not till you hit the nearly $60 US mark.

    The other big question is what cooler will fit on my board. I am using all four slots for memory, and it is very unclear whether which of these coolers will fit without taking up mem slots, and even whether they will fit in the case. I think those under 165mm might fit if I remove the panel fan, but the memory...how do you know short or ordering and hoping?

    From what I saw on the bench tests article, it looks like the Mungen 2 is a really good choice, here are the results on the 965:

    Scythe Mugen-2 SCMG-2000 26.2°C over ambient
    Xigmatek Thor's Hammer S126384 27.6°C over ambient
    Zalman CNPS10X-Performa 29.8°C over ambient

    But would it fit??? Frankly, would any of these...and if all, the Scythe is by far the heapest, I think...
  8. By "chip cooler" I assume you mean a "cpu heatsink" and not a northbridge or southbridge "chipset heatsink".

    The Coolermaster CM690 cases are all over 8 inches wide. The tall tower style cpu heatsinks mentioned in this thread will fit inside the case. :D

    If cost is an issue, then I recommend the Coolermaster Hyper 212+. It is an excellent value. If you shop carefully you can usually find it on sale for $29.99.

    I would install the cpu heatsink first and see what happens. It may not be necessary to replace the stock case fans or to add optional fans. You could always do that later.

    You mentioned your AMD 965 is running hot but neglected to provided any detailed information. How do you know it is running hot?

    Did you run a torture or stress test? If so which ones?
    Did you use a utility to monitor temperatures during testing? If so, which ones?
    What was the ambient room temperature when you conducted the tests?
    What were the low temperatures at idle?
    What were the high temperatures at maximum load?
    Are you planning on doing some extremely serious overclocking?
  9. Johnny,

    Thanks for the reply. Some of the info I had in an initial post, last week in another thread. Shoulda copied it here, so here is some more info:

    1) I have not messed with this stuff in so long, I am essentially a noob again ;)

    2) Yeah, I meant CPU cooler

    3) Because I am inexperienced at this point, I had a friend install the chip and cooler for me, but apparently he put too much thermal paste on, so I need to redo the whole thing

    4) I ran Prime95 on, I think, small threads or something like that, supposed to really stress the processor, not the whole system like the blend test. It pegged all 4 cores and held them there.

    5) I used both EzTune 6 and Hware monitor to watch the temp, also compared with settings I would see in bios for idle numbers. All three were pretty much in agreement.

    6) Ambient temps were about 27 c.

    7) After turning down the voltage to 1.35 (the board on Auto was pushing it to 1.425), my idle system temps were 34, the processor about the same, sometimes up to 36.

    8) At load, system temps were about 36 and cpu temps were 55, ran it for about 4 hours.

    9) I am not sure what serious would be (see point #1 ;) ) but I would like to hit 4 ghz. This is just too much fun right now not to try. Of course, if more is possible, why not?

    Thanks for your help!
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