I am waiting until Black friday to purchase my build. I have EVERY item picked so far EXCEPT for a motherboard. I cant seem to settle. I have a budget of around 600 dollars during black friday. My current build is around 750 with out deals so I am good. I dont need an operating system or a monitor, mouse or keyboard. I am either buying the Phenom II x2 560 or the x4 955. It depends on the sales. I am getting a HAF 922 case, Corsair 650 psu, 2x2 gb Gskill ripjaw series 1333, coolermaster 212+, Caviar black 750 7200 rpm, XFX 5670. I cant decide on a motherboard because I read all of the reviews on and I start with the lowest reviews and go up. This is my very first build and I dont want to pick a defective or useless motherboard. My limit is around 130 on a motherboard or so. Can someone help me pick please? I would like a reliable one also. I keep only choosing MSI, ASUS, ASROCK, and GIGIBYTE. please help
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  1. Depends on the sales. You said it yourself. Older boards will be at closeout prices. They may be a better choice if you are a first time builder. The newer chipsets may still have a few minor problems that you won't catch. I've had good luck with my biostar board, but they don't honor their rebates, so I no longer recommend them. Msi has sent me all of the 4 rebates I applied for, so I can recommend them. I would ditch the haf 922 case if it's over a hundred. I would put more money into the power supply and ram instead, and go for a closeout case from antec or rosewill. Rosewill actually makes some good cases.
  2. For a board, here's a cheaper ASUS

    The advantage of onboard video is having it as s back up if your video card suddenly fails.

    A better one from MSi
  3. I have read many reviews and by the time Black friday deals are here, the Haf 922 will only be around 80 dollars or less and its a really good case. I looked at the MSI board. I always think cheap is bad but that board actually looks decent. Thanks for the link man.
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