Graphics card upgrade help!

Hello people!

I've just built my own computer. Here's the specs:

CPU: AMD Quad Core 3.4Ghz 8Mb Cache
RAM: 4GB DDR 1333Mhz (2x2GB)
GPU: GTX 260
PSU: 650

All that with a 22" wide screen monitor, which goes up too 1680x1050 and has 16.5million colours.
I read it off the box, haha.

It plays all my games on the max settings, at the moment I been playing Crysis on VERY HIGH and 1680x1050. No lag or anything, it's good!

It's a very good gaming computer to me and runs nicely.

Now, I've been looking at Crysis 2 and somethings telling me that my computer's going to suffer on the graphics, and I don't know what to get. I been looking at the GTX285 and the GTX295.

I'm looking for some sorta graphics card that will make the most of my rig, and monitor. I don't want something that'll basically overkill and I won't be able to use the GPU to the maximum if you get me.

Thanks for taking time to read.

I look forward to your reply!

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  1. I would wait to see what happens with Crysis 2 before you start buying expensive cards for a game that hasn't been released yet. This is especially true since it would be pointless to touch a new nVidia card right now when they don't have DirectX 11 support or many other features than the cheaper ATI 5xxx series.
  2. Right okay.

    Cause you know, I looked at the comparison on the new card, and then looked at the one I have, and basically the card I have is being used maxed with the monitor.

    If I got a new card, it wouldn't change anything really would it? Being the theory of the monitor, if you get the meaning.

    Then again I looked at everything else on the specs, and I have no idea what all the CPU and RAM onboard means with a GPU lol.

    So I'm kinda stuck, but I also want a good graphics card that'll play all games out there, I know mine does but look at the games coming out. They must be really high specs. As you can see, I have no problem with everything. It's all more than enough sooo.
  3. If you got a new card, you would likely notice no difference. It's really not worth speculating on what newer games may require. Buy the games you want to play, and if you can't play them, then you upgrade. The longer you wait on the hardware purchases, the cheaper they become.

    Odds are that if/when Crysis 2 comes out, there won't be a card on the market that can play it. After all, it's taken 3 years to get GPUs out that can play Crysis at max details.
  4. I totally agree with what MadAdmiral's saying.

    Also, don't forget that crysis 2 will be for consoles as well, making it very possibly easier to meet the requirements than the first one was.

    Though if you "just built" your computer you probably would have gotten more bang for buck with an ATI card (even DX11 already) than what you got.
  5. well there is news of the new nvidia cards coming out very soon there gonna be directx 11. there also sum stuff on them on utube and on facebook u could wait for one of these of course :D
  6. lol @ "fermi awesomeness"
  7. I cant wait for fermi to come out I am very excited about buying one!
    (One of the hopefully reduced price 5870s of course :P )
    Unless the 470 absolutely kills a 5870 for less :P
  8. Like most people I expect them to be an absolute joke for more money than comparable ATI cards.
  9. Agree with False. Everything has pointed to nVidia having to stretch the Fermi to even compete with the 5xxxs.
  10. Heya!

    That's what I thought. I wouldn't notice a difference on the graphical side, as I'm using the best my monitor can go, BUT wouldn't my games run smooth if you get me. Say a game requires something like the GTX295 right, and I have the GTX260. Even thow the monitor will run normal, the game should run smoother with the GTX295 if you get my meaning.

    That's what I'm looking at really.

    I have the Nvidia Geforce GTX260, and so far it plays everything on really smooth the highest graphics possible.

    Thanks for your help everyone, I also don't know if mine comes with Direct X11 but I'm using Windows 7 Home as my OS.

    Cheers guys and girls.

  11. Nope yours is directx 10.

    and if that's it give the best answer to madadmiral.
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