ATI 5850, 1440x960 resolution monitor


I have a 19 inch LCD monitor and planning to buy ATI Radeon 5850.

I will upgrade my monitor in the future to a higher resolution one, that's why i'm planning for a 5850. But for now i'm okay with gaming at lower resolution.

Would i face any issues with running 5850 and gaming at low resolution. (gpu overkill etc..) ?
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  1. or bottleneck ?
  2. well im running a 5850 on 1280x1024 and have zero issues, every game runs VERY smoothly except crysis with 8x AA of course, it runs about 30-60 fps depending on situations :)
  3. Derbixrace: Thanks, then 5850 should be good for me too. :)
  4. no problem :) yeah it should run games VERY smoothly on highest graphics, have fun :D
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