No 4gb RAM but still go x64?

what if i don't have 4 GB of ram should i install X64? Will there still be a performance increase for my Lenovo Intel core 2 duo procesor?

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  1. If your laptop's Core 2 chip is 64 bit capable (some Core 2 chips are not), I would go for 64 bit, simply for the sake of saving yourself headaches later. If you decide to upgrade to or beyond 4GB of ram later on, but install a 32 bit copy of Windows now, you will have to back up your data, wipe out the hard drive and do a clean install.

    There probably won't be a performance gain with only 2GB of ram installed, but it's better to go the x64 route now if you can, than to stick with 32 bit and regret it later.
  2. thanks a ton :)
  3. You're welcome!
  4. I agree with T.P. - you won't see any performance gain with 2GB of memory, but there's no downside either (as long as 64-bit drivers are available for all your hardware) and it will save you the pain of having to reinstall the OS should you ever add more memory. And memory is generally the cheapest and one of the more effective things you can do to upgrade your computer.
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