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Core i5-3570K @ 3.6GHz -> 70C


Just this spring, I built a core i5-2500k rig and I effortlessly pushed it to 4.0GHz with the boxed cooler. The temp is good at about 67C after 30 min of prime95.

This time around, I'm building a new comp with a biostar TZ77B mobo and a core i5-3570K. At 3.6GHz I'm hitting 70C after only 10 min of prime95.

What can be wrong ? not properly seated heatsink ? Did Intel changed the boxed cooler between second gen and third gen core i5 ?

Help !
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    The Ivy bridge runs hotter than the Sandy bridge processors. 2500k = Sandy 3570k = Ivy

    Now, did you stick to an automatic voltage on the IB chip? That's a big problem as some processors, like my 2600k will ramp the voltage almost with insanity. I hit 1.35v at 4Ghz on automatic voltage which put my CPU to over 80C under intelburntest with the Zalman cooler I had at the time. The stock cooler is junk; especially for the output of the IB chips. Though you should be able to get a little bit of an overclock on it, I do not recommend it with any chip.

    Even if you have a stock cooler; I suggest using something like Artic Silver MX4 or similar thermal paste as it's a big improvement over the stock Intel crap. The stock cooler is meant for "stock" speeds. So I'd stop any clocking until you drop a better cooler on the chip if you're hitting 70C. But to be honest, I'd check your voltage and make sure it's not ramping like mine did when I first tinkered with the clock on my SB chip.
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  3. Should purchase a Hyper 212 Evo cooler for about $30.
  4. Yeah, Hyper212 is an excellent choice! I love mine paired with two high CFM silverstone fans. :)
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