Best chipset for a Phenom II X4?

This article claims that the 790FX is the "best" choice for any Phenom II, but what is this based on? Is there any performance gain over a 770 chipset, or is it just the option to use Crossfire? That's the only difference I can see. Also, on the Beginner's Guide to Motherboard Selection there is a nice list of chipsets in the 700 series, but what makes the 800 series different? The only difference I've noticed is 3 Gb/s SATA vs 6 Gb/s.

I would like to build a system around a Phenom II X4, will a 770 chipset hold it back at all? I asked in the system builder's forum and the answer was pretty much "no", but I'd like to know what I'm passing up on before I order these parts :)
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  1. Welcome Newcomer! :)

    Currently, the 'best AMD chipset' is 890FX chipset; the article is over a year old and things change. Therefore, the your questions no longer pertain. In addition, unless you are ready to shell out $270 ~ $570+ for a Crucial C300 series SSD the SATA3 Controller {6 Gb/s} won't do you ANY good. The SATA2 Controller has a cap of 300 MB/s per device {per HDD/SSD}, so unless your HDD/SSD is faster than that it is a mute point.

    The chipsets will have only have a 'benchmark' or negligible difference in performance.

    Review 1 -
    Review 2 -
    <or Google more '890FX vs 790FX chipset'

    edit: BTW - you may want to see what's coming soon ->

    Hope this Helped!
  2. 870,880 or 890fx, 890fx is the newest chipset offered I believe. I am upgrading from a 770 chipset to the 870 or 890fx. I believe also they (the 870,880,890) share the same southbridge. I would go with the 890fx if money isn't a problem.
  3. Okay, but my questions is, besides a new model number, what are you gaining? From Jaquith's reply, sounds like it really is just 6 Gb/s SATA. I'm not a fan of paying more for whatever is newest, simply because it's newest. I'm working on balancing a build around a Phenom II X4 955 BE + HD 5830 for under $600. Right now, with combo deals, I've got it at $575 with a $60 770 mobo (ASRock M3A770DE).

    "The chipsets will have only have a 'benchmark' or negligible difference in performance" seems to answer my question. If there is no performance to be gained with the pricier chipsets, then I'll pass on all the SATA and crossfire perks and save some cash.
  4. Gaming is all about GPU, CPU, RAM {to a point} and Chipset and in that order.

    I don't disagree with your statements...
  5. Thanks for your posts, Jaq, they've been very helpful. I'm going to stick with the 770 since it will allow me to spend more on other components.
  6. I'm in total agreement, and always was - in a round about way.

    Good Luck on your Build!
  7. Yeah, your good with that thinking. I'm overclocked with my Phenom ii X3 740 Black Edition 3.8ghz with a M4A77TD motherboard. Which is perfectly fine, my board was I think 84 bucks. Thats pretty much what you gain.
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