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I am looking into building a PC very soon, however i have not done this before, so i would appreciate it if anyone can give me any guidance on what kind of spec i should be aiming to get. Ideally i would not like to spend more than £700, but given what i want to do, it will probably cost more (im guessing around 900) - but i could wait for prices to drop or something.

Anyway, what im looking for is a PC which i can handle HD video editing mainly and maybe some light gaming (although i would like the PC to easily handle games).

Processer wise i have been considering the i7 920 and the 860, but im not sure which to go for given what i want to do.

Graphics - not sure at all here. All i know is i want at least 1GB, but no idea on what graphics card to get.

Motherboard - i want something that will be futureproff so i can add extra RAM later on or whenever i feel the need.

RAM - minimum 6GB

HD - 1 or 2 TB, doesnt matter really as i can add extra anytime.

Also, i would like a Blu Ray writer so that i can get my vidoes off my HD camcorder ( is there a Dual layer blue ray writer available? i think i may have come across one for £150?)

Other bits such as power supply etc i have no idea about.

So what do you guys recommend?

Your thoughts are much appreciated.

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  1. I would stick with a i7-860 if you can the 920 will break the bank.

    Also with the 860 youll need either 4 or 8 gb of ram not 6.

    Video stick with the HD5XXX series. If you could wait a bit the 5830 should be out soon next couple of weeks from what I have read.

    HDD stick with Seagate 7200.12 or samsung f3 spinpoints. If you want a WD hard drive get the 2 gb Black version.

    I would post some links but not sure price wise since I am horrible at exchange rates.
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