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Hey guys, I'm new here. Got a quick question.

I just got a new 42 inch monitor for my computer, a little valentines day president to myself, and all of the words are blurry. I am sitting about 3 feet from the monitor and can't figure out why the words are so blurry. If it helps my graphics card is the integrated one on the motherboard.

Thanks in advance!
- Chris Parham
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  1. TVs have slightly bigger pixles than on computer monitors which could be one reason why. The other is that your TV is mostlikly stretching the picture across the entire screen, try looking in your video drivers for an opition to "maintain aspect ratio" or "center to screen".
  2. If you walk up close to a 42" TV, it's going to be blurry at 3 feet....and this is a tru HD 1080p TV......blurryness will be less noticeable at 6 feet or so and disappear completely at about 10 feet.

    The human eye looking at a screen will start to notice individual pixels at normal sitting distances at about 96 pixels per inch. With a 24" screen at 1920 x 1200, the ppi is 94. However at 42" at same resolution , you're down to 52 ppi which is very grainy.

    As you can see here:


    the minim viewing distance for a 42" TV is 5.3 feet.
  3. Do you have "clear type" turned on ? Try running at the screens native resolution.
  4. Adjust clear type, and play with your resolution. If you used DVI or VGA your resolution might need to be 1360x768, you need HDMI to get full 1080p on alot of TVS, the PC input on lots of models only supports 1360x768.

    And monitors and TVs are not created equal. Like others say, you will see the pxels easy on a TV if you sit to close.
  5. Some TV's have will have a special setting for using computer inputs. Finding this massively improved clarity on my friend's TV/Monitor.
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