HP a450n Disk Drive Replacement

I'm looking to purchase a new IDE HDD for an old a450n to just play with. The original HDD crashed, problem is I can't find the XP recovery discs and they aren't avail from HP anymore. Any dieas how I might get XP on this machine and get it back and working on a new HDD?
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  1. What do you mean by crashed? Can you restore the recovery partition and copy it to the new drive.
  2. Phil: Thanks for responding, I had a physical failure of the HDD and paid to have pics and docs recovered, no programs or OS recovery (partition).
  3. If your PC meets the minimum Windows 7 standards, then I would install Windows 7.
  4. if you know someone that has the same OS and has a CD, make a copy of the CD and use it to install the OS using your Product Key on the computer.
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