GTX680 Over Clocking Issues

I have 2 EVGA GTX680 SuperClocked GPU's in SLI (Base:1058Mhz Boost:1124) both on water.

I haven't been able to get decent, stable over clock on either card using the Precision X software provided by EVGA. The most I have gotten is +100mhz on the GPU clock offset and even that wasn't 100% stable.

It didn't bother me in the past as much since the 2 cards were already overkill for my 25in monitor but I recently purchased a 27in Dell U2711 2560 x 1440 monitor.

In some instances the FPS occasionally drops below 60 in Battlefield 3 (everything ultra) with this new monitor.

I really want to over clock the memory on the cards to help with the higher resolution and also because I have so much thermal head room for the water cooling system that is going to waste. The cards only have a 15°C delta temp with no OC.

I have gotten the power target to 132% the GPU offset to 100Mhz and the memory to 300Mhz and passed the Precision X benchmark once and saw a massive performance increase. However, as soon as I try to run 3DMark11 or play a game the video drivers crash.

I have tried reinstalling the latest drivers but it makes no difference. BTW anyone notice Nvidia updating their drivers a lot less frequently?

I have watched a bunch of videos online where people are able to get +200Mhz GPU offset and +500Mhz on the memory no problem.

If anyone has had this issue with these cards I would be very interested to hear about it.

Would using an alternative over clocking software like MSI afterburner make any difference?

Thanks in advance...
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  1. It just crashes? Do you know why? Does anything particular happen before it crashes? Power spike, overheat..

    The release frequency of game drivers is probably more a side effect less games needing support than it is for just overclockers needing support.
    If the problem is exclusive to your screen, perhaps try putting the resolution to a more conventional value like 1920x1200.
    You could try an older driver, one you had while you used your older screen, maybe you incidentally changed drives at the same time as you changed screens?
    A driver released fairly recently (17. december) try that one.

    As for MSI afterburner, only one way to find out, try it and see what happens.
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