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hi guys is there a way to test your system individualy if it works or not without having to put it all just the motherboard, graphics card.etc.
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  1. hello,

    the best way to check wether a pc will function properly is to see whether all of the components you intend to use are compatible.
    ofcourse if you just want to to test if all the components still work you can just hook them up to an existing PC.

    Hope this helped,
  2. Build and test ... build and test ... as much as possible ...

    ... Once you have seated the CPU, cooler and RAM, plug in the mobo pwr and the cpu fan pwr and turn it on ... you should hear at least one beep, after awhile .... Check that the cpu and psu fans are spinning, etc.

    There is a step-by-step guide, to building, right on a sticky thread at the top of this "NEW BUILD" forum page. Recommended.

    = Al =
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