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i have gateway model # dx4710 with a motherboard # G33M05G1 and chipset of P35/G33/G31. it has a E5200 dual core pentium 2.8 Ghz processor. I would like upgrade my processor to something faster, can some 1 tell me which processors will work in my puter ?
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  1. If the e5200 works, then the e8400 should be ok; you'll have to do some research to find out about quads, but the g33 is an old chipset now; doubful that quads will work except for the q6600, which still goes for a good price.
  2. You likely will need to visit gateways supported cpu list to see what is supported by the bios and board limitations (like cpu wattage)
  3. does it matter if my bus is 800 mhz for the cpu i know have and the new 1 would be at 1066 mhz ?
  4. and does the L2 cache have to be the same for both ?
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    I would list your question in a gateway forum, if you can find one, and see if anyone has been able to use a quad or e8400 with your board. Doubt if gateway will answer your question, but it won't hurt to try. The q6600 is the only quad I would try with your board. L2 cache doesn't matter; wolfdale cpus are the newer .45 nm, which I believe the e5200 is. You see the main problem with oem boards; no support for cpu upgrades.
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