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Hi to all, im new here please help out?

i5-3570K with a MSI Z77 MPOWER what will the outcome be on overclocking with stock cooling?

Corsair GS600, Eps12V, with 140mm Blue LED Fan, ATX 12V V2.3 - 600W (12V : 576W)

Corsair CML8GX3M2A1600C9 Vengeance Lp With Blue Heatsink 2X4GB Kit DDR3-1600 CL9 1.5v


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  1. Noone here could actually give you a number. I personally don't suggest overclocking on the stock cooler at all. But I've seen people hit 4Ghz with that chip on stock cooling. But 70C is over my personal limit and for the most part; the clocks I've seen on stock cooling like that with the 3570k, get that hot. I'd suggest getting some aftermarket cooling like a Hyper212 (if it'll fit in your case) before doing any overclocking.
  2. This is the case will it fit

    Zalman Z11 Plus Windows Side Panel No PSU USB 3.0 Desktop Chassis – Black
  3. I believe it will as that is a pretty big case in general which if I am right the spec shows about 10.5" wide. Is this the case?


    The difference between the stock and the hyper212 is just amazing... Awe inspiring! It's one excellent cooler for less than $40!
  4. I would say it's identical next to the Window vs. Mesh setup on the side. That website doesn't show any actual specs though. But at 10.5" wide. it's an inch wider than my Thor v2. Which the Hyper212 fits with about an inch of clearance in my case. So I imagine you could fit it with no problems.
  5. Pc on its way with the Hyper 212 thanks for the info
  6. well my i5 3570k now runs 4.3Ghz at stock voltages running near 60 degrees celsius on stress test with prime95..using hyper evo 212 aswell...after getting new i5 3570k i removed ihs replaced factory low end thermal coumpound with mx-2 and now all temperatures awesome...
  7. No problem ashrider. I'm sure you'll be happy!
  8. Hey steddora :)
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