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Video upgrade help

Hi i need some help to figure out what path to take when upgrading my video card

my current system looks like this

Core 2 Duo stock speed at 2.4 overcloked at 3.3

Video Card:
Driver: NVIDIA GeForce 7950 GT (2 GPUs) sli

Memory 8gb dd2
psu 500w

Im looking to replace my aging 2x 7950gt.

I dont need sli support
I do want dx 10 or 11. DX11 is not a must because i might build myself another system in about 1 1/2 to 2 years
I want something that will make my cpu reach it's full potential :) Here are some of my choices from my local vendor.

Nvidia 220 GT 1GB DDR2 PCIE $67.99
Nvidia 240GT 1GB DDR3 PCIE $99.99
Radeon 4350 1GB TV+DVI+HDMI $49.99
Radeon 4650 512MB TV+DVI+HDMI $49.99
New!! Radeon 5450 512DDR3 TV+DVI+HDMI $49.99
New!! Radeon 5570 1GB TV+DVI+HDMI $89.99
Radeon 5670 512M DDR5 TV+DVI+HDMI $94.99
Radeon 5750 512 DDR5 $119.99
Radeon 5750 1GB DDR5 $154.99

if there is any information that i might be missing please ask.

Thanks for your help guys
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  1. You could go up to a 4890 befor you get bottleneked be your CPU, but that looks to be out of your price range.

    The 5750 512gb for$120 looks to be the best in your list. Are you able to buy form websites like Newegg?
  2. Thanks for your insight, about the 4890 they dont have it in stock it looks like it might be discontinued. Getting the items from newegg might end up costing me a little fortune shipping charges to canada and customs will kill the savings.


    i looked at newegg .ca and they dont have any 4890 in stock there is always this option but i can't imagine a 300$ gpu being a good match for my old little cpu

    Radeon 5850 1GB DDR5 $289.99
  3. If you buy the 5850, it'll be overkill, but you could bring it over to your new machine.

    That's the main thing to consider, in fact. If you're bringing the card over, a 5850 is a good choice, or if you're limited by budget, a 5750 or 5770 and crossfire it in your new machine.

    If you're just looking for a decent card to fill in for a year or so, I'd say just pick up a 4850 for $100. It's hard to beat the value you get there, and probably not worth spending a lot to get a 4870 or 4890.
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    Buying an HD5850 with the idea of switching it to a new system in "about 1 1/2 to 2 years" is really not a reasonable idea considering how quickly video cards get outdated and drop in price.
    Get this if you can afford it;
  5. I agree with jyjjy, you would be better off getting a 4890/5830 or 5770 and crossfire another when you upgrade to another mobo/cpu in 1-2 years, much cheaper that way.
  6. Thanks guys. I do want to maxout my cpu will the 4850 do that. I can get my hands on the 4850 for about 108$

    I dont think purchasing a card to move to my next machine is viable for me. If there no major benefit right now.

    so im considerring the 4850 and 5750 any other sugestions

    i just noticed jyjjy post that card looks nice
  7. A C2D OCed to 3.3gz is still pretty nice, the deciding factor should be your resolution. For 1680x1050 and above I would go for the HD5770. Below that the HD4850 or HD5750 should be great. The HD5750 is DX11, slightly faster and significantly more power efficient but it also costs more.
  8. These questions are made harder to answer than necessary w/o a playing resolution.

    If your building a new rig soon, one option might be to use the GT 220 / 240 and then carry it over to your new rig as a dedicated PhysX card. Of course for that to be viable, you'd have to be into PhysX features....some are, some ain't. You decide:
  9. i always currently run my games at 1680x1050

    the 5770 is about 190$ from newegg
    the 5750 is about 165$ from my local guy

    funny how no one is currently recommending nvidia :)

    i can't find any 48xx series anything

    thanks for your help guys hoping to come to a conclution soon
  10. i can have multiple card one example 240gt and a 5750 wow

    Phyx looks kinda cool i can always slap 2x 240gt for 230$

    oh and bytheway thanks for confusing me some more :) JackNaylorPE

    i can always get and xbox and scrap the whole pc fad thing :)
  11. Nvidia cards over $100 are generally overpriced for the performance. The GT 240 in particular is overpriced even in comparison to other Nvidia cards. Two in SLI is not a good idea.
    Physx isn't a big deal mainly because it is limited to Nvidia cards so developers don't tend to bother with it. It's been around for years and there are very few games where it makes a real difference(Batman:AA and Sacred 2.)
    For 1680x1050 I would recommend the HD5770. It's $158 on newegg(I linked it earlier) not $190. The HD5750 would still give decent performance at your resolution if you can't afford the HD5770;
  12. ok great i think i will go with the 5770 i said 190 because of taxes and shipping

    You guys are amazing i was looking to upgrade my card and even after looking at tom's harware info i was still unsure. thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

    gonna check back soon with my decition
  13. Damn, what's the sales tax up there?
  14. lol 13.5 down from 15% 11$ shipping from newegg now sure why i calculated it into the price
  15. Was going to order THE 5770 MSI, and i found this xfx version is it worth it.
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  17. I would get the HIS card. Good brand, it's still slightly cheaper even with that sale and has the rebate as well.
    I'm not sure if it's true but I've heard XFX bins their cards. What that means is they offer 3 different versions of the card with different levels of overclocking. That means the cards that overclock the best are going to be reserved for the more expensive editions which means the basic edition might not OC as well as cards from a brand that doesn't separate the cards like that. However I wouldn't be surprised if it isn't true as almost all factory OCs are usually well within the capability of the card so if I had to guess they wouldn't need to bin the cards. Something to consider though if you plan to OC(you should, no reason not to.)
  18. Thanks going with the HIS card it's just so hard to get a card, it seems today the choices are insane plus the dx models. Compared to 3 to 5 years ago we only had a hand full from each side with only dx 9.

    thanks again for all your reply's :D
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