Asus | P7P55D-e pro or Sabertooth 55i ? cant decide

Last piece of the puzzle, and as always I can't decide. Just want to hear some other oppinions

My choice is between P7P55D-e pro and Sabertooth 55i.

I'm going to run a i5 system with 4gb ram from Corsair and a Gigabyte 470 SOC, that's why I want more space between the PCI-e ports.

As I see the pro's for the Sabertooth is that it feels like it has higher stability and is a good overclocker, while the con's is that it doesn't support USB3 or SATA3.

On the other hand P7P55D-e pro supports those, but I've read that pretty many have problem with a coil whine. Feels like random if you get it or not, and mostly people have managed to solve it by turning off some power saving functions or simply overclock; as the board does good too.

Other than that, not sure. Can't really decide which one to take. I want a stable board, that boots fast, is stable, a fairly good overclocker and that doesn't crash down on me.

Just push me in one direction till I get sure :P
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  1. Well the choice is about SATA3 & USB3 and a couple few addons. There are NO perfect MOBOs and the whine is MTL from a bad PSU.

    Side by side -

    In addition, you might want to take a look at this post -
  2. Here is a review from Overclock3d.Net that compares the two....

    They are pretty much equal or not enough of a difference, so I would go with the Sabertooth, if don't plan to use USB 3.0 or SATA III in the near future. Otheewise, you will want the P7P55D-E Pro.

    Edit: Original post reflected reviews of the X58 boards :)
  3. tecmo34 said:

    They are pretty much equal or not enough of a difference, so I would go with the Sabertooth, if plan is max a dual card setup. Otherwise, the P6X58D-E is the better board.

    ^+1 i agree. Sabertooth is well if you will plan on SLi it will probably be better. But if you're like a buddy of mine who wanted the USB 3.0 and new SATA's well then Sabertooth won't cut it. lol.
  4. Thanks for your answers guys (or girls) :)

    The computer is mainly for gaming, that's why I picked i5 before i7. I'm not really into advanced photoshopping or 3d-rendering - yet anyway! just doing some basic stuff every now and then for fun !

    My plan is first to OC the i5 to a good level with Noctua's NH-D14 and in the future buy another graphicscard and use SLI if/when i feel that the games start to get unplayable. Maybe also a soundcard for my headphones and speakers (I think sound is like half of the experiance while playing a good game :).

    I've put some thought about USB 3.0 and SATA 3 and it doesn't really feel like something I need right now. Mostly I've thought about getting a fast SSD when the next generation comes out, but I think a Corsair Force will do till next upgrade in a few years. And maybe the new USB & SATA have been perfected and become standard by then.
  5. Gaming - that's why @tecmo34 & I run EVGA X58 + SLI +i7 9xx. The P55 runs better w/o SATA3/USB3.

    You do realize the cost difference isn't much... {the link I posted}

    Good Luck on your Build!
  6. Yeah took a look, been thinking about it. The cost would be around 1800 SEK or 270$ more.
    The motherboard I look into then was Asus P6T Deluxe V2 since it got some more space between the PCI-e lanes. It's about 700 SEK +

    The CPU (i7 950) is about 800 SEK + and the RAM +300 SEK.

    I would get a faster computer, especially for programs that supports more cores, but the gaming performance would almost be the same afaik. HT even makes the CPU perform less in some games (if you don't turn it off, but that's the point with i7 right:?).

    I think I'll stay with this, but if you can convince me I'll switch x) thanks !
  7. 300 SEK is nothing in the scheme of things ($45 USD), and the "thinking" is the future. You can later add 2-WAY CF/SLI and then later again 3-WAY CF/SLI.

    Remember it wasn't too long ago HD 4XXX & Geforce - they could run the current games just fine, but now they struggle and are more less useless.

    nVidia -

    Whatever choices you make Good Luck!
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