4 cores Overclock H55 vs P55

witch is better chipset for overclocking a 4 cores i5-750 or i5-760.
I am planing to overclock to 4.0ghz.
is it possible doing it on H55 motherboard chipset?
should it be stable on H55 motherboard?

I like the H55 chipset cause its cheaper than P55 and im not planning to put 2 video card on my system.
all I want is to overclock my processor at least 4.0ghz.

thank you for your advise^_^
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  1. Welcome Back Newcomer! :)

    Either CPU and either chipset; clearly the i5 760 has a better CPU multiplier but OC it makes no difference and the P55 is better than the H55 - It is all about $.

    Today you might not care about a 2/3-WAY but 'tommorw' when you're replacing the CPU + MOBO to squeeze out more FPS because the 'NEW' game drags in the mud you 'may' regret the choice today.
  2. Im not into SLI or CrossFire cause it has a compatibility issues, like some games dont support multi GPU, like Starcraft 2.
    all I want is to overclock my CPU at least 4.0ghz.
  3. ^ I've seen 4.2 GHz stable on both. You'll probably want to look into either a H50 (push/pull) or an H70. http://www.corsair.com/products/h70/default.aspx

    BTW - know Starcraft II works just fine with SLI, but I don't want to debate it.
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