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First thanks for helping; I'm kind of new to the hardware thing.

I had a Gateway FX 6801-03 with an i7 920, not overclocked, and in PC Wizard 2010 my Core Temps seemed reasonable at idle (38 - 40), my GPU seems OK (30 C), but there is a label that says "Processor" which is always much higher than any of the other temps ( it averages around 80 C at idle). I confirmed the reasonable core temps in several other programs.

I recently got a new GPU, and I moved everthing into an Antec 900 Two case. I again noticed - everything else seems fine but the "Processor" temp still hangs around an avg 80 C.

A couple of people have told me that the core temps are the important ones as far as cpu goes, and that I should just ignore the label that says "Processor". Is this true?
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  1. ct1615 said:
    they are correct

    the 80c is most likely your north bridge temp

    Thanks ct1615 - so do I need to worry about cooling that down? If so, what temp should I aim for on that?
  2. Well, what I'm reading elsewhere makes it sound like I may need to do something about cooling down the NB heatsink if it is indeed getting that hot.

    I have one more fan I can install in the side of the Antec case - I'll see if that helps.

    Thanks again for the help ct.
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