Can this M.B O.C this CPU?

Can this ^ M.B O.C this q9550 cpu. I'm asking because it has a 4pin power connector, and I'm worried since my current M.B has a 4pin connector (g41m-es2l -micro) and it doesn't O.C at all.
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  1. Huh?! That MOBO {GA-EP43T-USB3} and {GA-G41M-ES2L} both have a standard 24 pin ATX power and 4-Pin.

    So yes, you can OC easy. If you're having problems OC then I would take a good look at you OC and I would post at -

  2. Ok, but I've heard that 4pin cpu connector doesn't O.C quad cores well. Maybe it doesn't provide enough power? Why doesn't my current M.B O.C then?
  3. Incorrect BIOS {F9 latest} or incorrect or memory used or stock cooler - it is not an ideal MOBO for OC, but it can be done. I've read FSB issues.

    In addition, try Tom's H/W OC Forum as I posted above - couldn't hurt to try!

    Good Luck!
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