How to disable internet on 50 network PC

Hello ,
Im Planning to disable Internet connection on 50 Computers on my Network ...
As my Boss suggested , to Force all the Users to Login Via the domain by creating new accounts and Move local user Files to the new doman accounts encludes My documents , Desktop ..... etc ...
This way will take ALOT and Alot of time....
and other suggestion which to block Internet explorer ... but it will not help since there could be another programs downloaded as Firefox , Realplayer which includes WebBrowser...
is there any other and easier way to do it ? which realy to prevent users to use the internet ?
any suggestions Please ?
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  1. Segment your network into 2 vLANs, one with i-net, one with out. Move domain computers into the vLAN with i-net access?

    That's just one idea, but I've never had to do that because because I'd just walk over to a computer, join it to the domain and tell the end user to STFU and like it.

    Why aren't your computers on the domain by default?
  2. Well ... sorry im alittle late.. was busy the past few days ..
    i did a group policy on the users @ my domain .. and it did work and im done with them ..

    But ... there is other computers which located at other buildings and other cities ... which i cant get them into my Domain .. they'r connected with Router --> Hub to Computers..
    i tried to disable the internet using IE password .. preventing them to join all sites but the ones i choice ... but all the sites that i promote them to work normal shows the password windows like its locked ... example : i did allow , but it shows me to put password if i click somewhere which links me to ... but this just an example ... the bank sites are more complicated which shows me ALOT of times to put password ... due to different links on same website.
    and im realy sick of this way .. me and my mate going again to boss to tell him its useless this way (IE Password) ..

    is there another way to disable the internet (browsing the web) and enable on specific sites ? like bank sites etc... on each pc ?

    Thanks , and i rly hope some1 will try to help me with a good way to do it ...

    *NOTE : That i meant about "disable internet" is to disable Websites but the ones i choice , ( Each computer has different allowed sites than other computer ) depends on the Person Position...

    and sorry about my english .. :O
  3. With the MAC address of the PCs you can block the access to Internet.
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