Newegg i5 750 combo

For the past few months newegg has been having i5 super combo deals which include a case, mobo, cpu, psu, ram and hdd all for around $600-700

are the items in the combo in fact a good deal or are they bundle items lumped in

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  1. For the first link, The Case is ok, the PSU is ok as it has decent amp rating on the 12v rail, the RAM/Motherboard/CPU are great and the hard drive is on the slow-ish side as it is 5900 RPM. But all for 558.00, that's not too bad... Can use the hard drive as a data-storage hard drive, the case is decent if you want a new case, the power supply will work... I would say all in all, that is a decent deal...

    For the second link is basicaly the same items except for the case which is a little better and the motherboard which is a little better, but i would think that the first link has the better deal.
  2. i have been reading into motherboards just recently and it seems like a few months ago p55 chipset was prefered over h55/57 although recently it seems that most people seem to accept h55 now for its price/performance

    will the cpu or graphics card be bottlenecked in any way using h55 over p55?

  3. no, neither chipset will "bottleneck" (i relly hate that word) anything.
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