Best i7 processor for laptops

Hi :D

I was wonderig which i7 processor is the best at the moment for laptops?
Or should i buy a laptop with i5 instead?

These are the ones i've been looking for:
Intel Core i7 720QM, 1.6 GHz (2.8 GHz Turbomode), Hyperthreading
Intel Core i7 620M, 2.66 GHz ( 3.33 GHz Turbomode)
Intel Core i5 540M, 2.53 GHz ( 3.06 GHz Turbomode)

The 720QM uses hyperthreading but has a outstanding low GHz.
Macbook Pro has i7 620M and i5 540M as processor while other laptops uses the 720QM.
Will the Macbook Pros outperform laptops with the 720QM processor?

Thanks, Mathias
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  1. what will u be using it for?

    also its not just cpus you got to look at its other parts too.
  2. Hello :)
    It depends on the other specs but i7 720QM is the best price/performance ratio CPU between them because although its slower but it has 2 extra cores which helps in multitasking and games that support quad cores,the only downside of it is that it produces more heat and has less batter life
  3. i'm going to use the laptop as an allround computer. Games, video editing, watching videos and so on.
    I know that the processors in not the only thing that define the speed of the pc.
    But in this case i only want to know which processor will outperform wich.

    By the way. I found out that the 620M and 540M is dual core cpu's while 720QM is quad core.
    They all uses hyperthreading so that the 620M and 540M has 4 threads and the 720QM has 8.
  4. Video editing and also some games benefit from the extra core
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