Any good cheap gaphic card?

Is there any good grahic card under 100$ that can play games?
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  1. Bunches of them, to say the least. A good place to start looking would be newegg, as you can search by price and such. A lot of places are trying to unload the Radeon 4xxx series cards, so you may find a decent deal with one of those.
  2. Does it matter if the graphic cards have DDR2, DDR3 or DDR5 memory?

    Also, if my computer has DDR3 memory should also the card have DDR3?
  3. No it doesnt matter what memory the GPU is using.

    DDR2/3/5 as the number scheme suggests, the higher the better. So get whatever you can afford.
  4. +1 to the $99 ATI 4850. Its a great deal for the price.

    Just to be certain you can run it you should probably post your system specs for us too. Your power supply and monitor resolution are particularly important.
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