One Dude Beats AMD’s Overclocking World Record (8.46 GHz!)

Just last month, AMD staged an event to squeeze an amazing 8429.38 MHz out of its FX-8150 processor. The highest-clocked CPU in the world—it was a big production. And now they've been beat by a team of one.

Andre Yang eked out a 32 MHz advantage over AMD's team—but he did it without the sponsorship, camera crew, and most importantly, the teamwork. All it took, TechPowerUp reports, is 2 GB of RAM, an ASUS Crosshair V Formula motherboard, and a scalding hot 2 volts of electricity pumped into the chip. Like AMD's official record, Yang's overclocked masterpiece was running with almost all of its cores disabled to prevent it from melting through his table and down to the center of the earth.

The good news for AMD? Their FX-8150 is still the highest-clocked CPU of all time. For now. [TechPowerUp via MaxPC]
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  1. That's just stupid fast. But pushing 2v into a processor like that?! Didn't we stop doing that in the early 2000's? LOL That's like pushing 480v into a desk lamp so it will be brighter. That is one insane overclock though. I wonder how fast it would do a folding@home unit.
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